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6 tips for choosing the right paint colors


If you decide to paint a room in your house, or maybe more this winter don’t get lost when picking the colors follow these tips and you will be happy with your choices for a long time to come.

          Know The MOOD

When you know what room you want to paint first decide what feeling or mood you want the room to represent. do you want a master bed room to be bright and stimulating or should it have a calming effect. bright colors can lead to unrest and irritability in the wrong room. So once you know the mood of the room you’ll narrow down your choices.

Know Your Lighting

Theres at least 3 different lights that can affect the way your paint will look. Theres natural light this will show the truest version of your paint choice. Theres Incandescent which brings out warm tones and yellows. Then theres Fluorescent lighting this casts a sharp blue tone and will effect you color choice, so be aware of the lighting in each room you choose to paint

Get A Different View

If you can see the knew paint color from a different room go into that room and see if the new paint will clash with the original paint the two colors should complement each other if both are visible

Consider the rooms use

when choosing the color you’ll also need to choose a finish, egg shell, semi gloss, flat. each has a slightly different look and is for a difernt purpose. Flat paint finish will give you the deepest color if your going for a deep red flat may be your best choice. If your painting a kitchen your you have kids like me you may want to go with the egg shell it’s slightly less true to the color but washable.


Now that you are getting closer to choosing a color pick an something in the room that you like and want to stand out like a rug or piece of a art on the wall and match a color in it or complement a color in it using a color wheel.

Start Small

At this point you should only have 2 or 3 colors left to pick from. Now you sample your choices on the wall in at least one foot by one foot sections and separate the samples by at least 2 feet, let them dry at least one hour then check the colors different times of the day and now you should be able to make a color choice that will make you happy.



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